Smart Levelling Solutions

High performance, quality yet affordable digital levels / smart inclinometers.

Precision levelling and angle measurement/alignment tasks essentially involve surface planes that demand for 2-Dimensional solution rather than conventional single-axis levels/inclinometers. It is time to REPLACE your TWO units of Single Axis levels/inclinometers:

  • No more tedious trial-and-error, back and forth taking reading one axis at a time;
  • No costly need for owning 2 units of traditional single axis;
  • No more bulky in size (large footprint) and fragile caused by its pendulum moving sensor parts.

Enjoy the advantages of Digi-Pas new generation levelling solutions:

  • Digital, fast, error-free and accurate work;
  • 2-axis, horizontal and vertical measurement & simultaneous XY readings;
  • Be sure of your readings through REAL-TIME measurement values;
  • Bluetooth, work remotely and directly reading the leveling status on your mobile phone/tablet;
  • User-friendly display: easy menu setting and color display;
  • Reading in various units of measurement: degrees, mm/M or inches/Ft;
  • Saving measurement data;
  • 1 Man Operation, saving you time & money.

DWL-1900 XY

Digi-Pas DWL-1900XY is an AFFORDABLE Wireless-Bluetooth, Dual-Axis Precision Digital Level of 0.001° resolution designed for entry level used by industrial users & professionals. DWL-1900XY replaces old-fashioned VIAL levels. Users read both X & Y axis levelling measurements wirelessly in proximity via Bluetooth, which effectively cut down installation & setup time effortlessly (one-man operation) for precision machines & equipment, especially when used in conjunction with "DigiPas Smart Level" Mobile App (Free one redeemable app with each purchase) with user’s smartphone (additional option to purchase multiple app available on Apple & Android App Stores).

Digi-Pas Precision Digital Level is highly accurate, verified by 3rd parties accredited calibration labs & test bodies in US, Japan & Germany in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 standard, traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN.

Unique standards

Digi-Pas® 2-axis MEMS technology enables simultaneous 2D (X-Y plane) leveling and angles measurement (i.e. pitch & roll).

Digi-Pas 2-axis instruments have no moving parts inside and thus very tough and rugged yet SMALLER in size and is durable when subjected to common "bumps and knocks" during daily usage and transportation.

Digi-Pas 2-axis instruments are capable of REAL-TIME wireless Bluetooth/USB remote measuring & data logging.

The unique instruments of Digi-Pas® are patented and product’s accuracy performance is tested to specification and periodically re-validated by accredited 3rd party Calibration & Test Laboratories in USA, Japan, UK and Germany traceable to NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN


Digi-Pas DWL-1300XY & 1500XY BT
2-axis wireless machinist level is an affordable entry model that comes in 0.01°/0.2mm/M (DWL-1300XY) & 0.001°/ 0.02mm/M (DWL-1500XY) resolution.
Used by industrial users & professionals for a quick set up/installation and inspection of machines & equipment.

Digi-Pas DWL-3000XY USB/BT
2-axis wireless machinist level is a mid-range precision model with a built-in Vibrometer. It has an accuracy of 0.01°/ 0.175 mm/M, and a wide measuring range (180.00°).
Designed to greatly simplifying the task of professionals & tradesmen in installation, setting up and maintenance of precision machines, test/measuring instruments & alignment-sensitive equipment.

Digi-Pas DWL-3500XY USB/BT
2-axis wireless machinist level is a premium high precision model with a built-in Vibrometer. It has a high accuracy of 0.001°/ 0.018 mm/M and wide measuring range (±20.000°).
Designed to greatly simplifying the task of professionals & tradesmen in installation, setting up and maintenance of high precision CNC machines, test/measuring CMM instruments & alignment-sensitive equipment.

Digi-Pas DWL-8500XY USB/BT
2-axis wireless machinist level is a ultra precision inclinometer model with a built-in Vibrometer. It has a resolution of 1 arcsec/ 0.005mm/M and wide measuring range of 14,400 arcsec. or 70mm/M.

Digi-Pas DWL-9000XY USB/BT
2-Axis wireless machinist level is a ultra precision inclinometer model with a built-in Vibrometer. It has a resolution of 0.2 arcsec/ 0.001mm/M and wide measuring range of 7,200 arcsec. or 35mm/M

Exceptionally engineered to greatly simplifying the task of engineering professionals & scientists in installation, setting up, maintenance and characterization of very large-sized CNC machines, plane-surface flatness profiling, precision test/measuring instruments & 2D alignment-sensitive equipment.

Watch it work

Download the app

Digi-Pas Level App is a user-friendly application, easily installed in any smartphone or tablet running on Apple/Android operating system. Users can fully utilize the remote wireless (Bluetooth) mobile connectivity for various Digi-Pas® 2-Axis Precision Digital Levelling Devices to gain high productivity and quality alignment work.


BENEFITS of the mobile phone/tablet app

  • Dual-Axis Numeric and Graphical Display of Measurement Data
    Simultaneous 2-axis angular numerical and graphical measurement readouts display on tablet/smartphone screen via Bluetooth Wireless link.
  • Measurement Data Display & User Interface
    Built-in user interface employing animated display & visualization tools to interact with the device.
  • Advanced Remote Measurement
    User interface becomes simple and straightforward using animated vision approaches.
  • Real-Time Remote Streaming Measurement
    Remote measurement and continuous monitoring on precision Machine, Test and Measurement equipment for Levelling can be achieved via the use of over Bluetooth wireless link.
  • Software Support and Firmware Updates
    Online firmware update service/notification feature. Latest version of firmware can be downloaded and installed at ease.

This app has a FREE version (Digi-Pas Level) and a PAID version (Digi-Pas Level PAID). It instantly empowers machine installer to perform remote 2-Axis simultaneous levelling task, angle measurement, & 2D concurrent alignment activities by HALF the time, precision & 'one-man-operation' that traditional single-axis digital or 'bubble' levels are unable to match.

Digi-Pas Level App is now available for Bluetooth version of:

  • DWL-3000XY: Firmware 4.0 & Above
  • DWL-3500XY: Firmware 4.0 & Above
  • DWL-8500XY: Firmware 3.4 & Above
  • DWL-9000XY: Firmware 3.4 & Above

NOTE For app DWL-1300XY and DWL-1500XY models, please use "Digi-Pas Machinist Level" or "Smart Level App". When scanning QR-code, you will get the right app for your machine!

Software, Firmware & App Upgrade

As Instrumentation Software and Mobile Apps technologies are advancing at fast pace, our R&D team is constantly adopting leading software (i.e. National Instruments Corporation) and embedded firmware technologies to continuously improve our existing and new products with high-functional performance and smarter user-interface features. For example, Digi-Pas® PC Sync Software has been improved to have an useful auto scale/zoom function when approaching zero level and incorporated with user friendlier graphics. The instrument/device firmware has been upgraded to higher sampling rate of ≤10milisecond to accurately capture vibration magnitude in real time.

Digi-Pas® PC Sync software is a 'Plug & Play' user-friendly interface version (embedded with National Instrument software) to fully utilize the remote wireless Bluetooth or USB connectivity to device on levelling, tilt angle, alignment and vibration measurements including data acquisition and logging functions.

Levelling and vibration data can be real-time recorded as evidence (aids decisions) to enable analysis of a machine's static & dynamic structural stability with high degree of accountability. PC Sync software empowers installer to perform remote 2-Axis simultaneous levelling task, angle measurement (plane), 2D alignment activities, inclination and vibration measurements with speed, precision & 'one-man-operation' that traditional single-axis digital/'bubble' levels are unable to match.

A Dongle is accompanied with each purchase of a PC Sync Software. The Dongle is required to be inserted in your PC USB connection while you are running PC Sync Software. User may download the Dongle driver, see link above

PC Sync Software Professional for premium model DWL-3500XY

In practice


Digi-Pas 2-Axis digital Levelling Instrument & Inclinometers

Is Digi-Pas® Digital Level calibrated/tested/certified by accredited international laboratories?

Yes. Digi-Pas® Precision Digital Levels have been calibrated and tested by accredited 3rd party independent bodies in the USA, UK, Germany and Japan in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and/or ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 standard, traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN under ILAC & A2LA.

Digi-Pas PC Sync Software relevant to the models: DWL-2000XY, DWL-3000XY, DWL-3500XY, DWL-8500XY and DWL-9000XY

What is the difference between Basic and Professional version of PC Sync software?

Basic PC Sync software allows users to perform simple remote measurement and data acquisition while Professional PC Sync (optional) allows user to fully utilize the device for additional data logging and remote monitoring capability such as customization of data acquisition and measured data/readings saving for user analysis.

For a feature comparison between Basic and Professional versions for each model, see link:

Digi-Pas Mobile App relevant to the Bluetooth models: DWL-1300XY, DWL-1500XY, DWL-3000XY, DWL-3500XY, DWL-8500XY and DWL-9000XY

Which Digi-Pas App title is used with what device models?

There are 2 Digipas Mobile App titles:

(1) "Digi-Pas Machinist Level" is used for models DWL1300XY and DWL1500XY and will be/ is replaced by the “Digi-Pas Smart Level” App.

NOTE: please check your code card, and when you scan the QR code you will always have direct acces tot the right & updated App for your instrument.

(2) "Digi-Pas Level Sync" Pro(fessional) version is used for models DWL3000XY-B, DWL3500XY-B, DWL8500XY and DWL-9000XY.

The Apps are available at Apple and Google Play Store.

Buy your smart level today!

Replace your traditional spirit 'bubble' levels and conventional single-axis inclinometers now with our HIGH PERFORMANCE, QUALITY yet AFFORDABLE digital levels and smart inclinometers. These proven industrial and scientific-grade instruments are built with advanced 2-Axis thermocompensated MEMS Technology, and precisely compensated for nonlinearity and temperature variation to effectively withstand stringent operating environments.